Anna Han

Open studio of SeMA Nanji Residency

Anna Han’s Open studio of SeMA Nanji Residency runs from Nov. 23rd till Nov. 25th.  SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY is a residency program operated by the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) that was launched in 2006 after remodeling unused facilities in Nanji Hangang Park. Conceived as a means of supporting capable artists and researchers in Korea, the Residency organizes exhibitions such as the 'NANJI ART SHOW' and 'Art Critic Workshop', and runs other programs designed to enhance exhibitions and research capability.

Venue: SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY, Seoul, Korea
Date:  Nov. 23rd (Fri) 2 - 7 pm
           Nov. 24th (Sat) 2 - 6 pm
           Nov. 25th (Sun) 2 - 6 pm

23 November 2018
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