CHAPTER II is a non-profit art space established in 2016 by U.PINE MED Inc. as a collaborative project with Gallery Baton to support young and emerging artists.


The name, CHAPTER II refers to a meaning of a space where a new chapter (Chapter II) of artistic activity begins for young artists who complete the academic courses and take their first step into the art world as full time artists. Also, the Roman alphabet, "II" embodies an open door, which is a vision of CHAPTER II that hopes to be a welcoming space not only for artists but also for anyone who sincerely wants to appreciate art.


CHAPTER II aims to serve as a platform for improving the creative ability of promising artists at home and abroad by holding various exhibitions reflecting the experimental attempts of young artists. CHAPTER II also runs a residency program that selects three artists every year and provides a studio to support their creative development. 


CHAPTER II will be established as representative cultural spaces in the community and will further strive to become a venue for exchanges to expand the boundary of contemporary art.



54, Donggyo-ro 27-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 03990

T +82 70 4895 1031