Suzanne Song USA, b. 1974


Suzanne Song creates the visual experience of multifaceted dimensions which embody the dualities of reality and illusion. Song’s picture planes hover between dimensions becoming open surfaces that set the stage for boundless perceptual play. The perceptual relationships among opposing visual elements find harmony in her work. The paintings composed of flat forms or patterns, reminiscent of grey walled school rooms or institutional offices, create optically charged configurations through the correlation and juxtaposition of geometric elements. The shaped canvas is a way for Song to single out a specific part of a painting and give it a corporeal presence. By pulling these forms out of the picture plane, the once illusionistic spaces take on sculptural forms, pronounced and perceived in new ways.

  • Suzanne Song, Open Form, 2021
    Open Form, 2021
  • Suzanne Song, Open Form (Blue), 2021
    Open Form (Blue), 2021
  • Suzanne Song, Slope, 2021
    Slope, 2021
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Interfold), 2021
    Untitled (Interfold), 2021
  • Suzanne Song, Offset, 2018
    Offset, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Plateaus, 2018
    Plateaus, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Turn, 2018
    Turn, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Inter-Series 1), 2018
    Untitled (Inter-Series 1), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Inter-Series 2), 2018
    Untitled (Inter-Series 2), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Stoppages), 2018
    Untitled (Stoppages), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Accord, 2017
    Accord, 2017
  • Suzanne Song, Repli, 2017
    Repli, 2017
  • Suzanne Song, Reface, 2015
    Reface, 2015
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled, 2009
    Untitled, 2009