Suzanne Song USA, b. 1974

Suzanne Song has been exploring ’space’ as a nonmaterial being and a conceptual object. Song sets aside the notion that space is a singular form and conveys it as an incorporeal and abstract concept. She combines geometric patterns on the canvas with shadows on the background to make a two-dimensional unfold into a multifaceted dimension and represent her own specific ‘space' by focusing on the dynamic spatial relationships between the spaces.

Suzanne Song creates the visual experience of multifaceted dimensions which embody the dualities of reality and illusion. While a shadow defines its plane or dimensionality, the composition of multiple shadows show how different dimensions exist interdependently and in perceptual harmony. In Song’s new works, the technique of combining porous rock such as pumice in powder form and acrylic paint to buildup several overlapping layers physically imitates more closely the space she works to represent, specifically certain building interiors. The paintings composed of flat forms or patterns, reminiscent of grey walled school rooms or institutional offices, create optically charged configurations through the correlation and juxtaposition of geometric elements. The repeated layering of the pumice  and paint mixture creates a physical volume on the applied surface as a positive space,  consequently creating a furrow on the unapplied surface as a negative space. This action not only makes the conventionally regarded concept of 'space' become accepted as a necessary sensorial element in real life, but also documents the process of a natural substance such as rock powder transforming into an artificial manmade object.

Suzanne Song lives and works in New York, USA. She has received the B.F.A. from Clemson University and the M.F.A. from Yale School of Art at Yale University. Song has presented her work at The Drawing Center, New York; Doosan Gallery, New York. Her recognitions include the Smack Mellon Studio Fellowship, George R. Bunker Award (Yale University), and the New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship.

  • Suzanne Song, Untitled, 2022
    Suzanne Song
    Untitled, 2022
  • Suzanne Song, Flips, 2020
    Suzanne Song
    Flips, 2020
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Green-Yellow), 2020
    Suzanne Song
    Untitled (Green-Yellow), 2020
  • Suzanne Song, Equals (Yellow-Pink), 2020
    Suzanne Song
    Equals (Yellow-Pink), 2020
  • Suzanne Song, Turn, 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Turn, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Inter-Series 1), 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Untitled (Inter-Series 1), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Stoppages), 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Untitled (Stoppages), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Offset, 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Offset, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Stoppages, 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Stoppages, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Incave/Excave, 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Incave/Excave, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Plateaus, 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Plateaus, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Inter-Series 2), 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Untitled (Inter-Series 2), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Turn (Side), 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Turn (Side), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Inter-Series 3), 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Untitled (Inter-Series 3), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Resurface, 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Resurface, 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Untitled (Facet), 2018
    Suzanne Song
    Untitled (Facet), 2018
  • Suzanne Song, Facet, 2017-2018
    Suzanne Song
    Facet, 2017-2018
  • Suzanne Song, Ground on Ground, 2011
    Suzanne Song
    Ground on Ground, 2011

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