Hoh Woo Jung Korea, b. 1987

Hoh Woo Jung represents his own pure abstraction by consistently exploring infinite possibilities and moderate variations found in the most fundamental combination of lines and faces. He collects images of various objects that emerge with interest in events and thoughts in modern society and expresses the meaning and the hidden side of them in the form of paintings.

The main keyword that features Hoh Woo Jung’s work so far is the hidden side. He reveals the hidden side of something through a relationship that could not be accurately defined, such as light and shadow, foreground and background, and individuals and the whole. In his work, various different objects and figures unite, eventually arriving at a state of balance. Such images combining elements of uncertainty, tension, balance and imbalance function as a mechanism through which the artist portrays a sense of anxiety, emptiness and desolateness one habitually confronts in contemporary society. The actual forms of objects have been removed in Hoh’s recent work in which the compositions are constructed solely with lines and curves. Surprisingly, such extreme simplicity invites the viewer deeper into the work clarifying the subordinate relationship between the subjects. Recently, Hoh focuses on the work of capturing patterns on the canvas in various colors. By embedding lines that appear to be part of the pattern on the canvas as a limited space, He lets the viewers imagine infinity outside the canvas and explore the relationship between an individual and a whole.

Hoh Woo Jung lives and works in Seoul, Korea. He completed National Post-graduated and Graduated Degrees (Diplôme national supérieur d'arts plastiques and Post-diplôme) at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux‐Arts in Paris. His solo exhibitions have been presented by SongEun ArtCube (2020), Gallery Baton (2019) and Gallery Chosun(2018) and he has also included in group exhibitions at Kumho Museum of Art (2022), Doosan Gallery Seoul (2021), SeMA Nanji Residency (2020), Nam-Seoul Museum of Arts (2019) and Chapter II (2019). His works are in the collections of Seoul Museum of Art, Daejeon Museum of Art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea and etc.


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