Marcin Maciejowski Poland, b. 1974


Marcin Maciejowski, whose practice touches upon contemporary issues is noted for paintings that reflects reality and present situations. He pays attention to the fact that people grasp the world through a specific window-mass media. Instead of merely responding to one particular event, he attempts not only to disclose a hidden truth but also to investigate the mechanism how the media reproduces actual events. Thus, Maciejowski’s perspective and approaches, which can be defined as ‘second-hand reality’ play a role in unveiling the hidden reality, rather than looking at it negatively or critically. His experience working as an illustrator in Poland allows him to gain inspiration from various resources, such as advertisements, posters, cartoons or illustrations. The intimate yet unfamiliar works, which combines existing imageries with sophisticated brush strokes, have iconic features that generate a distinctive tone.

  • Marcin Maciejowski, Analyse, 2018
    Analyse, 2018
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Culture is about something else, 2018
    Culture is about something else, 2018
  • Marcin Maciejowski, How many squares do you see, 2018
    How many squares do you see, 2018
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Michelangelo, 2018
    Michelangelo, 2018
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Questionnaire, 2018
    Questionnaire, 2018
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Rephrase it positively, 2018
    Rephrase it positively, 2018
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Can't you be more radical, 2013
    Can't you be more radical, 2013
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Woman at the Sea (Vias), 2010
  • Marcin Maciejowski, This realism as trivial, 2009
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Until 1913 this house..., 2008
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Katarzyna Kobro, Abstract Sculpture, 2004
  • Marcin Maciejowski, Artist doesn't care, 2-12

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