Peter Stichbury New Zealand, b. 1969


Rigorously researching media material, declassified Government documents from several nations, and video footage, Peter Stichbury pays particular attention to photographic data, academic and Government reports, and video footage of individuals in their 20s and early 30s. He perceives a purity in this age group which he believes renders them a relatively uncontaminated vessel for the strange occurrences they embody. The fragile beauty of Stichbury’s figures contrasts with their discomforting, haunted gaze. This awkward juxtaposition points to a rupture in their accepted assumptions of what is real, as a result of their UFO encounter – a loss of belief in the consensus reality decided upon by humankind. His employment of exaggerated realism increases this impression of unreality and reveals further the internal disturbance of the characters.

  • Peter Stichbury, The Reincarnation of Marty Martyn 1, 2021
    The Reincarnation of Marty Martyn 1, 2021
  • Peter Stichbury, Lani Leary, 1982 (Estelle) , 2019
    Lani Leary, 1982 (Estelle) , 2019
  • Peter Stichbury, Liliane Fatima Silva, 1996, 2017
    Liliane Fatima Silva, 1996, 2017
  • Peter Stichbury, Lynda Jones, 1979, 2017
    Lynda Jones, 1979, 2017
  • Peter Stichbury, Father William Gill, 2016
    Father William Gill, 2016
  • Peter Stichbury, Xavier Graves, 2012
    Xavier Graves, 2012