Since its foundation in 2011, Gallery Baton has gained its recognition as one of the leading contemporary art galleries by consistently presenting sophisticated programs based on an in-depth analysis of current paradigms of contemporary art. Paying close attention to the present international art tendencies to develop Baton's original curatorial practice and more balanced perspectives on contemporaneity, we have established a distinct identity by featuring acclaimed artists around the world.

While participating in international art fairs including Art Basel and Frieze and proceeding collaborative projects with major art establishments, Gallery Baton is also committed to create a more sustaining art ecosystem where the co-growth with an artist is prioritized. Baton encourages the growth of emerging young artists in Korean contemporary art. We run three distinct alternative spaces dedicated to supporting talented but under-presented artists. While the Observation Deck serves as a venue for video and new media works, two not-for-profit programs, Chapter II and Chapter II Yard, provide studio spaces, curatorial support, and exhibition opportunities.

Gallery Baton will continue to contribute to qualitative expansion and diversity of contemporary art, while striving for a closer relationship with art enthusiasts.

116, Dokseodang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Korea (04420)
T +82 2 597 5701
F +82 2 597 5705

Opening Hours
Tue - Sat, 10am - 6pm
Time could be subject to change due to the internal issue of gallery.
Parking spots are very limited near the gallery, please use a public transportation.


Gallery Baton is currently not accepting artists’ submissions.