Kim Yun Chul: Gyre

30 August - 30 September 2017
Installation Views
Press release

Gallery Baton is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of the work of Yunchul Kim (b. 1970) entitled Gyre from 30th August to 30th September in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul.


Yunchul Kim is an artist who discovers and explores the artistic potential of fluid mechanics and meta-materials. Researching properties of various substances, and invisible sub-micron particles, Kim has sought the interface between art and science. He deals with scientific matter and studies the nature of materials in order to effectively adopt them for his works of art. Though he works in artificial media, he is often inspired by nature. He also examines discourses on literature, classical paintings, and philosophy, however, he still emphasizes the actions of experiencing and touching materials. Thus, his constant idea-sketching and experiments allow his artworks to gain unique visual effects, which are rarely found in conventional art; he produces a special impression similar to a three-dimensional hallucination.


In this exhibition, Kim reveals new pieces presenting fascinating illusions: Triaxial Pillars II and Gyre. As the exhibition title Gyre suggests, the materials selected by the artist rise and descend, creating movements reminiscent of sea waves. When specific substances are injected into a glass tube, they are not blended but rather generate boundaries. Due to the differences of the fluids’ thermal expansions and conductivities, the contents respond to subtle changes in temperature. The boundary surfaces generated by the fluids are at times inflated and their positions changed. Without any physical interference from outside, the fluids never cease their delicate motion, and exchange energy with the outer world of the glass tube. The interplay of these two fluids stimulate the spectators’ vision by giving rise to a sense of the cosmos.


In this regard, each medium treated by Kim possesses its peculiar tendency. Kim noted that traits of materials exist beyond the realm of human sensation and awareness so that human cognition is not able to anticipate which modes certain materials would manifest in. Accordingly, the artist suggests ‘Fundamental Gazing’ to the audience who encounters the work that liberally forms waves as the ocean does. By employing specific matter that usually remains as constituent fluids in objects, Kim encourages viewers to confront and directly experience their origin.


Yunchul Kim gained public recognition by being selected as a winner of COLLIDE International Award hosted by CERN (Geneva) in 2016. He is actively presenting his works at numerous leading galleries and museums such as National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Korea), Asian Culture Centre, Seoul Museum of Art, National Art Museum of China, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Berlin Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien and Jiri Svestka.