Liam Gillick

'Gelitin & Liam Gillick. Stinking Dawn' at Kunsthalle Wien

Stinking Dawn is a movie by Gelitin and Liam Gillick that will be filmed at the Kunsthalle Wien. Monumental modular architecture sets the location. Directed by Gillick and based on his script, Gelitin will play the leading roles in this experimental film that explores the limits of human tolerance in the face of oppression, political crises and excessive self-deception. This project to be completed over the course of the exhibition. Shooting will commence on opening night – the public will be invited to participate – and continue on selected dates (to be announced). Completed segments of the film will be screened in the exhibition.

Title of exhibition: Gelitin & Liam Gillick. Stinking Dawn
Venue: Kunsthalle Wien, Wien
Date: July 5 - October 6, 2019

5 July 2019
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