Bin Woo Hyuk Korea, b. 1981


The main theme of the works by Bin Woo Hyuk is his attitude and time while reacting to the external stimulation such as memory and experience. He visited a forest in Berlin to empty out psychological agitation and complex inner thoughts from past memories, and he constantly delivered them onto canvases. The forests, lakes and parks are places he often visited and found great peace and meditation.

In recent works, without familiar typical figures of the forest, the giant plane of the work gives a glimpse of its original motif through only other adjacent figurative paintings. When he delivers the landscapes onto his canvas, he concentrates on them by removing narrative elements rather than conveying any implications and criticism. When Bin could not find the landscape of Berlin, he began to fill this sense of emptiness caused by the forest’s absence by concentrating on imaginary locales or scenery seen from airport runways and the inside of airplanes. In this process, he discovered the existence of ‘marble walls’. The obscure patterns of the walls offered Bin a reprieve as he wandered in the midst of a void trying to once again regain the forest. His artistic subject matter shifted completely.

Bin Woo Hyuk has been a member of the BBK Berlin-Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin since 2021. His work is represented in the collections of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Korea and Maryland Institute College of Art in the USA.


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