Bae Yoon Hwan Korea, b. 1983


Bae Yoon Hwan’s pictorial storytelling stems from political incidents, stories, fables and his personal experiences. Bae places the necessary images, narratives under the layout and shade of each paintings and expresses them with bold, rhythmical strokes by crossing various characteristic of oil, oil pastel, acrylic paint.

His early works consists of abrupt utterances of fragmental and anecdotal stories instead of following a coherent storyline; it is a manifestation of his original figurative ‘Automatism.’ In addition, he is trying to expand the physical limitation of flat canvas by producing a massive canvas installation and animated video works. Bae’s recent artistic practice reflects recent social incidents or global phenomena in the modern society. Scenes featuring personified animals and depicting them humorously are designed to lower the seriousness of veiled references in the painting could give, or to keep universal pictorial purity against them.

Bae Yoon Hwan has participated exhibitions at at SeMA (2022, 2018), Geumcheon Foundation for Arts and Culture (2021), Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (2019), Jeju Museum of Art (2019). His work is represented in the collections of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, SeMA, Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, Cheongju Museum of Art, and Daegu Art Museum in Korea.


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