Markus Amm Germany, b. 1969


Markus Amm explores abstract images by the materials with the seductive minimality of pure colored abstraction. The materials with skilled unique techniques and processes influenced by the time, performance, intention, and coincidence converge into Amm’s image.


In the early phases of his career, he has initially focused on the process of art and worked on photography and painting. An element of time pervades Amm's idiosyncratic process on a physical and meditative level. To prepare each painting's surface, layers of gesso are gradually built up by pouring, brushing, and sanding between each application. The process to gradually build up layer upon layer of paint takes two to three weeks. The form of the layers embodies the history of the artist's repeated, mechanical, performance. His works, the minimality of pure colored abstraction containing his time and meditation, arouse a variety of emotions in each viewer and lead them to experience Amm’s ‘fascinating moment’.

Markus Amm lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. He studied at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg in Germany.  Amm has held solo exhibitions at numerous prestigious museums such Kunsthaus Baselland in Basel, Switzerland (2017) and Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Germany (2010). Amm has also been included in group exhibitions at Fondation Thalie, Brussels (2021) and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the USA (2014). His works are in the collections of Deutsche Bank in Germany, Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien Sammlung Zeitgenössische Kunst des Bundes in Germany, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and the Dallas Museum of Art in the USA.


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