Max Frisinger Germany, b. 1980


Max Frisinger has been internationally recognized through his sculptures and installations that stem from sincere observation of ordinary objects. He pays careful attention to the society of excess and waste, his work opens up a discourse on the boundaries of art, banality and expendability.

Frisinger re-invents ‘found objects’ and ‘ready-made’ which symbolize the demise of industrial-age utopianism and turns them into works of art with his authentic aesthetics. In his early phases, he has focused on intricate, medium-large sized site specific installations with collecting stuff and raw materials he finds on the streets. Using LED lightings, worn-out nets no longer used and souvenirs of museums, he recreates the aesthetic qualities of industrial products whose functional worth. Frisinger constantly attempts to demonstrate that aesthetic aspects of everyday objects can exist regardless of their functional lifespan and new value can be generated and extended by artist’s intervention.
Max Frisinger lives and works in Colares, Portugal. He studied at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg in Germany. Frisinger has held solo exhibitions at prestigious museums such as Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples (2013), Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin (2013), Kunstmuseum Bonn (2011). His works are represented in the collections of Schaulager Basel in Switzerland, Saatchi collection in the UK, Takashi Murakami collection in Japan, the Speyer Family in the USA.


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