Max Frisinger Germany, b. 1980


Max Frisinger re-invents found objects or readymades which symbolize the demise of industrial-age utopianism and turns them into works of art, reborn with individuality and unique aesthetics. They maintain the figurative features of the objects yet revive the inherent beauty existing in industrial products which have lost their functional worth, and generate new value in them. Discarded old cast iron radiators transform into sculptures reminiscent of human anatomy and the debris of everyday objects assembled in vitrines become works of art. His work refers to art history in three-dimensional forms or painterly expressions while treating the objects themselves as art materials. He begins by focusing on the society of excess and waste, however, his work opens up a discourse on the boundaries of art, banality, and expendability.

  • Max Frisinger, Aldabra, 2019
    Aldabra, 2019
  • Max Frisinger, Aur, 2019
  • Max Frisinger, Karimunjava, 2019
    Karimunjava, 2019
  • Max Frisinger, H.D.N.R.I.B.I.R. (Series), 2016
    H.D.N.R.I.B.I.R. (Series), 2016
  • Max Frisinger, Cygnus, 2015
    Cygnus, 2015
  • Max Frisinger, Leo, 2015
    Leo, 2015
  • Max Frisinger, Moor, 2015
    Moor, 2015
  • Max Frisinger, Volans, 2015
    Volans, 2015
  • Max Frisinger, Jaws, 2012
  • Max Frisinger, Lollar, 2012
  • Max Frisinger, Luftikus, 2012
    Luftikus, 2012