Heeseung Chung Korea, b. 1974


Heeseung Chung has been exploring the original meaning of the object and the meaning behind it through photography, and furthermore, she has continued to explore the limitations and possibilities of the photography as a medium. Chung makes an object with infinite potential that cannot be clearly defined by varying the space and time in which the object exists, or the compositional arrangement and arrangement. Her active intervention and directing allows the camera to capture the present progression of the subject becoming something rather than reproducing the fragmentary exterior. Her sensuously refined screen expands the visual act of ‘Seeing’ into a communicative experience by inducing interpretation based on the viewer’s subjective experience. Chung, currently the most promising female photographer in Korean art scene and a finalist for the 2020 Korea Artist Prize from MMCA Korea, completed BA and MA in Photography at London College of Communication in 2007. Since then, she has been showing a remarkable step as a contemporary photographer by being invited major art institutions such as Art Sonje Center (2013), Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art (2014), Seoul Museum of Art (2014), MMCA (2017), the 12th Gwangju Biennale (2018), and Belfast Photo Festival (2019).

  • Heeseung Chung, Wing , 2020
    Wing , 2020
  • Heeseung Chung, Copier_A, 2019
    Copier_A, 2019
  • Heeseung Chung, Copier_D, 2019
    Copier_D, 2019
  • Heeseung Chung, Golden, 2017
    Golden, 2017
  • Heeseung Chung, Untitled (Kansong Museum of Art), 2016
    Untitled (Kansong Museum of Art), 2016
  • Heeseung Chung, Untitled from the series Tender Buttons, 2016
    Untitled from the series Tender Buttons, 2016
  • Heeseung Chung, Untitled, 2014
    Untitled, 2014