Heeseung Chung

'Korea Artist Prize 2020' at MMCA Seoul

Gallery Baton is pleased to announce Heeseung Chung’s group exhibition, “Korea Artist Prize 2020” at MMCA, Seoul.

Working primarily with photography, Chung Heeseung explores the possibilities and limitations that arise through the process of turning objects into imagery. Working with objects, bodies, and spaces, she seeks to maximize the raw materiality and presence of the medium, while also using text to divulge the inherent flaws of communication tools such as image and language. For this exhibition, Chung Heeseung uses her own communications with colleagues to transmit her thoughts and concerns about life as an artist, while also exploring the process of communication itself.

'Korea Artist Prize 2020'
MMCA, Seoul
4 December, 2020 - 3 April, 2021

Image courtesy of the artist and Gallery Baton

4 December 2020
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