Rosa Loy Germany, b. 1958


Rosa Loy courageously integrates femininity and beauty in her figurative paintings and creates works that are open to multiple layers of interpretation. She has a particular interest in traditional conceptions of women, femininity. She works in casein on canvas and paper, and is also skilled in various graphic techniques. Her work also reflects the relationship that she shares with her partner, Neo Rauch, whom she has been married to since 1985. They are known internationally as a successful artistic couple. They both have their own independent oeuvres, which are nevertheless influenced by one another. As a working couple, they document how the forces of the masculine and the feminine can be intertwined successfully. While each artist maintains their own sovereign character, together they form an important collaboration.

Loy has participated in numerous exhibitions on Leipzig painters in Gallery Baton and international art museums  such as the ESSL Museum, Austria. In addition, her works are included in the collection of major art institutions and organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; and the Deutsche Bank Collection.