Germaine Kruip Netherlands, b. 1970


Germaine Kruip has garnered international attention by exhibiting works in a multitude of genres—including sculpture, architecture, and performance—at many leading museums and art events, such as the Stedelijk Museum, the Sydney Biennale, the Art Basel and Frieze Art Fairs, and Independent Brussels. In formal terms, Kruip’s practice resembles abstract art and minimalism, and yet conceptually, her pieces evoke a strong spiritual tradition. She accentuates the tension between physical appearance and spiritual essence. Her objects’ simples shapes and intrinsic neat color tone and its emphasizes the original corporeality of the medium, ultimately highlights underlying meanings and the fundamental nature of the figure. Her kinetic work of art consists of  light, motion, and geometric motifs that expands the possibilities and the spectrum of abstraction. The installation demonstrates outstanding formative aspects, while also achieving a remarkable aesthetic by balancing objects and their reflections, using shades and phantasmal visions caused by artificial lighting and natural radiance. Kruip triggers a dramatic effect that transforms both the piece and its environs into a stage, and ultimately constructs a spiritual and meditative space.

  • Germaine Kruip, After Image, 2019
    After Image, 2019
  • Germaine Kruip, Double Brass Line (Thein No.183114), 2018
    Double Brass Line (Thein No.183114), 2018
  • Germaine Kruip, Circle, 2017
    Circle, 2017
  • Germaine Kruip, Kannadi, From Square to Circle, 2017
    Kannadi, From Square to Circle, 2017
  • Germaine Kruip, Rhombus, 2017
    Rhombus, 2017
  • Germaine Kruip, A Room, 4 Minutes, 2016
    A Room, 4 Minutes, 2016
  • Germaine Kruip, Untitled Circle Copper, 2016
    Untitled Circle Copper, 2016
  • Germaine Kruip, Untitled-Circle, 2016
  • Germaine Kruip, Beam-Spot, 2015
    Beam-Spot, 2015
  • Germaine Kruip, Counter Movement Black, 2013
    Counter Movement Black, 2013
  • Germaine Kruip, Image Archive, 2004 - ongoing
    Image Archive, 2004 - ongoing

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