David O'Kane Ireland, b. 1985

David O’Kane is an Irish artist whose practice across the mediums of painting, photography, animation, movie, and drawing. The epic and dreamy paintings drawn with realistic techniques represent him. He describes dream-like and far-fetched situation from reality. At the same time, the static painting, like a stuffed moment or an ended microcosm, acts as a mediator representing the momentary stories and situations in the work by being given the dynamic role like a frame in a movie. He rearranges characters in mysterious atmosphere with historical backgrounds, taking viewers to his own narrative.

David O’Kane lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Donegal, Ireland. He studied at the HGB(Academy of Visual Arts) in Leipzig for five years, under Neo Rauch (b.1960) who has made New Leipzig School (NLS). He received a Meisterschüler Degree in 2012. He has held solo exhibitions including Gallery Baton, Seoul (2017), St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin (2017), Josef Filipp Galerie, Leipzig (2020) and etc. He won the Golden Fleece Award (2014) which is the largest prize open to artists and makers in Ireland. His work is represented in the collections of Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Leipzig in Germany, Kunst-Stiftung Starke in Germany, the Zabludowicz Collection in UK and Busan Museum of Art in Korea.

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