Stef Driesen Belgium, b. 1966


Influenced by the works of Northern European Old Masters, Stef Driesen’s paintings often incorporate references to art history through their colours, compositions, and subject matter. Through this lineage, Driesen draws from his own personal experiences to create beautifully expressive canvases evoking both emotional and physical sensuality. Using his own sexual identity as a platform for investigation, Driesen’s work expands upon the theme of man and nature: each canvas conceals a human form within his abstracted landscapes, creating a symbiosis between the romantic sublime and mortal carnality. Using a fleshy, earthy palette, Driesen’s canvases blur the bounds between tangible and psychological space. Watery grounds, delicate brushwork, and intensified tones lend a sense of dream-like terrain, translating materiality of paint into ephemeral fields redolent with contemplation, desire, and loss. In their poetic articulation, Driesen’s paintings convey the intimacy of the human condition, rendering it equally fragile and heroic.


Stef Driesen (b. 1966) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and studied at PHIKO, Hasselt, Belgium, Academie Voor Schone Kunsten, Hasselt, Belgium, and SHIVKV, Genk, Belgium. He brings forward an interest in a more ambient space, providing atmospheric presence in the work.


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