Yoon Suk One Korea, b. 1983


Yoon Suk One treats painting as a medium for documenting his unique observation and contemplation. Yoon constructs a fundamental resource of his practice by collecting and taking pictures of city landscapes constantly shifting their appearances depending on the change of light and seasons. While he is skillful at precisely revealing subjects of painting through detailed and elaborate depiction, his authentic style trained for years, which is reinforcing subjective elements such as private memories and sentiments indwelling in the subjects ultimately enables Yoon to broaden his potential beyond the territory of conventional still-life paintings. The viewers can notice the vertical or horizontal repetitive brushstrokes on the top surface of his paintings. Being mainly discovered in the edge of each image which is evenly spread over the surface, this pattern is achieved by brush movements of pressing the surface and pushing it in both directions. This approach decreases the level of identifying outlines of the images while evoking a tone down effect and regional dynamics. Moreover, the oscillation sometimes decides the tonality of each work, as it evenly appears on the entire surface. In addition to the edges of canvases uniformly painted in light purple, the afterglow of the neutral gaze and a sense of temperature occurred in Yoon’s paintings whose vertical and horizontal brushstrokes’ amplitudes establish a collective form by repeating and overlapping.

  • Yoon Suk One, About light and matter-C , 2021
    About light and matter-C , 2021
  • Yoon Suk One, About light and matter-P , 2021
    About light and matter-P , 2021
  • Yoon Suk One, Blanc, 2020
    Blanc, 2020
  • Yoon Suk One, Calendula 2, 2020
    Calendula 2, 2020
  • Yoon Suk One, Fig, 2020
    Fig, 2020
  • Yoon Suk One, Fig Leaf, 2020
    Fig Leaf, 2020
  • Yoon Suk One, January, 2020
    January, 2020
  • Yoon Suk One, Khaki, 2020
    Khaki, 2020
  • Yoon Suk One, The Season, 2019
    The Season, 2019
  • Yoon Suk One, Dry Plant-18019, 2018
  • Yoon Suk One, Dry Plant-18020, 2018
    Dry Plant-18020, 2018
  • Yoon Suk One, Dry Plant-18022, 2018
  • Yoon Suk One, Wet Coffin, 2017
    Wet Coffin, 2017
  • Yoon Suk One, Wet Coffin-bedroom, 2017
    Wet Coffin-bedroom, 2017
  • Yoon Suk One, Pieta, 2016
    Pieta, 2016
  • Yoon Suk One, Requien for July, 2016
  • Yoon Suk One, Merry go round, 2012
    Merry go round, 2012