Anna Han Korea, b. 1982


Anna Han transforms her perception of existing places and spaces into abstract figures composed of light and colours. She reinterprets spaces inspiring her and condenses her own life and inner world into artworks; it is a process of adding psychological approaches to physical places, ultimately attaining an artistic outcome. Han adopts various materials such as paint, vinyl cuttings, pattern prints, threads, light and objects in order to efficiently measure off the spaces. Interactive installations, three dimensional pieces and paintings with her outstanding sensuous direction of spaces lead an expansion of existing spaces. Anna Han pays attention to the fact that each individual differently comprehends the same space and she attempts to capture an impression of the space by applying diverse materials, medium, colours and composition. Accordingly a prominent element of Han’s practice is a corporal recognition of experiences; subjective experiences and analysis are built by spectators or artist herself in the space where two and three dimensions coexist.

  • Anna Han, I Play The Purple Notes, 2016
    I Play The Purple Notes, 2016
  • Anna Han, Paradoxical Huddle, 2014
    Paradoxical Huddle, 2014
  • Anna Han, A Place Where You and The Light Rest, 2013
    A Place Where You and The Light Rest, 2013
  • Anna Han, Agent Orange, 2012
    Agent Orange, 2012